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We are based in the Peak District and can offer:

SCYTHING Lessons and Instruction

I am happy to run courses privately or for your organisation.
Rates are reasonable and the tutoring is exceptional!
I can take up to six people at a time and provide all the kit necessary. Feel free to call or email me.

SCYTHE sales

We now sell Austrian Scythes and associated kit. All Snaths come pre oiled and if you collect you will received a free 1 hour 'set up and how to' lesson. Please contact us for prices.


I can come and scythe and clear your ground, mow your lawn/orchard/meadow/paths/woodland trails/towpath/amenity area. Scything is a safe, non polluting Eco and human friendly way of weed/grass management.

Rates are by arrangement.

Telephone 07725041946


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